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Chief Engineer, Founder
Born in Austria, he as worked as a software engineer in Europe, the USA, New Zealand, Singapore and finally China, where spent the last 15 years. Now he is moving to Uganda to share his experience with young developers there.
He will be the lead developer on all projects
more ... Martin has been writing front-end code with Aurelia and Angular in Javascript, Coffeescript and Typescript. He has extensive back-end experience, implementing a RESTful API for a backend-as-a-service platform, writing modules and features for various applications with Pike, Python, Ruby, TCL, PHP, Java, Perl and XSLT, for django, laravel and other platforms, developing a CMS and building multilingual websites. Other experience includes developing a task manager and a data tracker in Common Lisp, leading teams to develop a weblog and other webapplications, working on email filtering, testing educational games, packaging GNU/Linux applications, implementing a chat server, refactoring customer code, implementing an SMTP server, co-editing a book on the Pike Programming Language, organizing conferences and events and more.

He also has considerable experience as a System administrator working with nginx, mysql, gluster, containers and many other server technologies.

He is a mentor for FOSSASIA, an organization that supports and promotes Free Software Projects in Asia. He worked with students on Google Summer Of Code and Google Code-In projects.

He was a FOSS Community mentor for the Beijing GNU/Linux User Group and other groups. He founded the Free Software Community Roundtable, a forum for community leaders to share their experience and support each other.

He is using and developing Free Software and Open Source for more than 20 years.

Originally from Uganda she has worked in Zambia and Uganda and will focus on recruitment and HR.
Software Developer, Advisor
Before he started his own company, he worked as a software engineer and a developer mentor with CodeIT and Andela, two organizations that train, mentor and find jobs for africans and others less privileged. He is also engaged with Blacks in Technology. He will assist with recruitment and general guidance on how to operate in Uganda.